CULINARIA CHINA: Country. Cuisine. Culture. Review

CULINARIA CHINA: Country. Cuisine. Culture.
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CULINARIA CHINA: Country. Cuisine. Culture. ReviewI have lived in China for a couple of years and think I can reflect on the book with a critical eye.
I agree that this new Culinaria and also the Relaunches (as I have seen them) are not exactly like the old ones. They are more modern and a lot of photos a new. Basically, the layout and format has not been changed much so I do not understand the other reviews at all. They are quite similar and concerning the content more or less identical.
The new China and Culinarias do not disappoint and follow the style of the previous Culinaria by featuring as the subtitles also says country, cuisine and culture. And this is exactly what makes all Culinaria titles different from other cookbooks.
In other books you will e.g. never find a feature of a Shanghai working class guy from the morning till the evening and get to know what the authentic Chinese actually eat.

The book is so diverse in information. You get to know all kinds stuff from the different provinces and it really makes you feel like travelling China afterwards.
But I prefer the smaller Culinarias as they are not such heavy coffee table books and easier to carry home (I bought the book at Page One in Hong Kong).CULINARIA CHINA: Country. Cuisine. Culture. Overview

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