Trucks & Off-Road Vehicles (Five-View) Review

Trucks and Off-Road Vehicles (Five-View)
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Trucks & Off-Road Vehicles (Five-View) ReviewThis book is poorly organized, has dated material, and is inconsistent in its treatment of the subject. I grabbed it off the dollar rack at Barnes & Noble expecting something for enjoyable light reading. The layout of the material does not make for ease of reading or comparison of various vehicles (a natural inclination of those who like autos). The trucks and off road vehicles are examined in alphabetical order by make, rather than chronologically or by type (pick-up, SUV, etc.). Some models are very specialized short production runs, while more common vehicles seems to have been forgotten completely. For example, the Ford F-150/250/350 line of trucks does not have photos or descriptions of any of the major production model vehicles. The focus is entirely on special editions (customs, Lightning, Dale Special Edition, etc.). Meanwhile, the Expedition and Excursion are left out completely, but the Blazer K5 (which hasn't been seen in years) is featured prominently. There is a lack of consistent technical detail that the reader could easily follow when moving from one vehicle to the next. Many of the trucks chosen for photos had out-of-date custom color paint jobs, gaudy accessories, and were generally not representative of the over all flavor of a particular line of production vehicles. It is clear this book is not a technical manual, collectors guide, or hobbyist reference, but it falls short of even being a half-decent coffee table book. I'm far from a auto buff or weekend mechanic, but even I found the book to be hokey and generally a misrepresentation of the wide range of vehicles that fall into the category implied by the title.Trucks & Off-Road Vehicles (Five-View) Overview

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