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Joseph Conrad A Study
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Joseph Conrad A Study ReviewLike Ford Maddox Ford, Curle was, for a time, an intimate literary friend of Conrad's. His book provides some interesting insights into the great author's writing process and into his personality, as well. For Conradians, Curle is an indispensible source. Jocelyn Baines provides the background. Curle provides the personal reflection, as when he describes Conrad's being subject to "paroxyms of fury, into which he could be plunged by people who, for one reason or another, had angered him."
We don't usually think of the stolid, placid, stoical Conrad as being a human being who could occasionally blow his top. Curle brings him down to earth a bit, as when he reports that Conrad was notoriously afraid of "losing his self-possession, even for a moment." Certainly the pictures of the author that have come down to us try to convey the image of the steady-going voyager and captain, ever-composed and thoroughly self-possessed. Curle's depiction shows us another side to this enigmatic author. One that historians and scholars should not overlook when investigating the great man's works.Joseph Conrad A Study Overview

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