JFK The Dead Witnesses (Signed Copy) Review

JFK The Dead Witnesses (Signed Copy)
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JFK The Dead Witnesses (Signed Copy) ReviewThis book has a very limited scope: It lists and describes any and all deaths the author can relate to JFK. Some are obviously murders, others are probably innocent coincidences. But as you turn page after page of "heart attacks" and death by "suicide" you suddenly realize that the information in this book alone is enough to prove a conspiracy. I'm not a statistician, but the odds of that many of the participants being murdered have to be enourmous (I think I remember reading billions to one or more). The one complaint I have is that some people have pages devoted to their backgrounds, while others only tell the location and vague details of the death in a few sentences so it's a little unbalanced, but then again there is a lack of data on some people. Also it probably needs to be updated... I give it 5 stars for the EXCELLENT use as a reference tool. Not much new info here for me but I can look up any character's bio and usually find out what his role in the assassination was.JFK The Dead Witnesses (Signed Copy) Overview

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