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Typhoon ReviewTyphoon is one of the first books I read by MCM and it's the main reason I'm such a big fan of his.
The story is a roller coaster of thrills and emotions. Set in a not too distant but all the more disagreeable future, Kani is forced to take the identity of her best friend, who owes money to the mafia, and has to tag along on an illegal mission in space. Her teammates don't trust her, the mafia and the police are after her, and then it turns out she's not the only one with a fake identity.
Next to this main story line, MCM focuses on the back story of some of Kani's teammates, why they do what they do, and how the world turned up like this. It's this mix between tight and thrilling action, and emotionally charged background story that makes for the roller coaster ride. When both plot lines seem to come to a climax, I was biting my nails, and actually cried out Yuri's name in distress.
The strength of the story is the way MCM weaves small bits of background information throughout the story. It takes until 2/3 of the book until you figure out if the main characters are the good guys or the bad guys, but you can't help rooting for them anyway. The world he built is one you wouldn't want to live in, but feels very realistic, which makes it all the more scary. I'm still not sure I completely grasp the big picture of it all, but I think that is intentional, and it's one of the main reasons I look forward to the 2nd installment of the series.
Which brings me to the only complaint I have about this story, it's the first installment in a series of five, and I didn't know this when I first started reading it. Not that the main story line doesn't get closure, but there's still so much questions unanswered, and there's that evil cliffhanger at the end. Waiting for what happens next can be frustrating.
All in all I'd highly recommend it to science fiction fans who don't mind a mix of adventure, mystery and emotionally engaging characters, who don't mind a series in progress.
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