Hurricane and Typhoon Alert (Disaster Alert) Review

Hurricane and Typhoon Alert (Disaster Alert)
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Hurricane and Typhoon Alert (Disaster Alert) ReviewNatures whirlwinds and spinning storms can be a very scary situation for all involved. Early beliefs were centered around these storms coming to land because the gods were angry. Today, meteorologists know a lot more about hurricanes. Challen gives readers facts, photos and tips on how these deadly storms form and how you can be safe. Hurricanes cause rain, floods and mudslides along with billions of dollars in property damage and often times death. Young readers will learn about the Saffir-Simpson Scale and how the size of a hurricane is measured. Graphs and charts are displayed for easy viewing and learning. At the back of the book kids can make their own hurricane in a bowl with household items that are right in the cupboard. This is a great book for teachers to introduce students to storms and how to be safe and so much more. Parents will love this as a guide during the hurricane and typhoon seasons, to help their children prepare and learn about what's happening in their area.Hurricane and Typhoon Alert (Disaster Alert) Overview

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