Typhoon Season (Carrier, No. 14) Review

Typhoon Season (Carrier, No. 14)
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Typhoon Season (Carrier, No. 14) ReviewAuthor Douglass just keeps on churning them out. Every time that I read of his books, it is as if I am on the deck of the USS Jefferson or strapped into the ejection seat of a Tomcat or Viper. These plots are totally realistic. This turn involves murder, air-to-air tangles, and Mother Nature at her worst. You will not be sorry that you bought and read this book. You will be sorry when you finish it, in that you will have to wait for the next in the series. The central character, Tombstone Magruder takes a bit of a backseat ride in this one. Admiral "Batman" Wayne steps up to the plate and bats cleanup. Semper Fi Mr. DouglassTyphoon Season (Carrier, No. 14) Overview

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