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Typhoon ReviewAfter reading arguably the most famous sub-novel of all time ('The Hunt For Red October') I was thirsting for pretty much anything that had to do with submarine warfare...unfortunately most of what is available really stinks (except for Michael DiMercurio who is excellent) but when I discovered 'Typhoon' quite by accident, I stumbled upon a fantastic story about the largest undersea machines the world has ever known. The Typhoon class Russian missle submarine is BIG, as long as the American boomers, but TWICE as wide--and 1 ship alone could wreak havoc and kill millions of people with its stretegic ICBM's. What happens within the pages of 'Typhoon' are similar to what almost happened in the Soviet Union at the beginning of Gorbechev's reign when a military coup, afraid that the impending breakup of the country would ruin their career's, nearly toppled the government. In this chilling scenario, a select few Russian military leaders decide to take matters into their own hands by precipitating the entire event by launching missles on their OWN country hoping to place blame in such a way as to stall or completely halt the coming democracy.
I don't mind telling you that this actually put chills down my spine to think that whoever is in charge of these ships actually COULD do something like this. A very sobering thought, indeed. Thank heavens for Admiral Zenko and a life dedicated to preserving peace with the use of the underwater machines he helped to design. Zenko makes the startling discovery of what is about to happen, and without a second thought, hijacks his own submarine and head's out to sea. Another wrinkle is placed within this story when the USS Reno shows up to do their assigned 'spy mission' and tries to make sense of what is happening between two of the largest subs in the world and why they act like they are on opposing teams.
IF you are looking for a hair-raising techno-thriller-adventure, than 'Typhoon' should definitely be ON that list. Simply put, this is an exciting story well told by someone who definitely knows the in's & out's of submarine operations (or does a great job of simulating it).Typhoon Overview

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