Typhoon Island (The Hardy Boys #180) Review

Typhoon Island (The Hardy Boys #180)
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Typhoon Island (The Hardy Boys #180) ReviewThe Hardy Boys, along with their girlfriends, Callie and Iola, are vacationing in the tiny Caribbean island country of San Esteban. The action starts from Chapter One when their rented plane almost crashes! When they finally arrive at their destination, they are beset by numerous calamities, such as an escaping bull, deadly insects, vandals and a local glad-handing politician! There's plenty of action in this story (every chapter ends in a cliff-hanger) but the mystery itself is ill-defined. Everything finally gets rolling when a fierce tropical storm hits the island and our heroes are pursued by a blow-dart wielding thug into a network of underground passages.Typhoon Island (The Hardy Boys #180) Overview

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